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About BloggerSprout & Niraj Kashyap

Hello and Welcome to Blogger Sprout, the largest free WordPress resource site for beginners and non-techies. BloggerSprout is a WordPress resource site which focuses on WordPress themes, plugins, coupons, hostings, video tutorials, How-to’s, podcasts, news, and more.

At BloggerSprout, our main goal is to the best and easy helpful WordPress tutorials that are cutting-edge and easy to understand for small businesses, bloggers, and non-techies WordPress website owners.

If you’ve ever asked yourself:

  • “How to build a WordPress site?”
  • “How can I do ?? in WordPress?”
  • “Which WordPress plugin should I use for ?? ?”
  • “How do I fix this WordPress error?”
  • “What are the best themes for ?? niche in WordPress?”
  • or anything in WordPress.

Our team are people like you — WordPress enthusiasts who want to learn all they can about great WordPress products and services available on the market. Many of our writers are experienced WordPress web designers, developers. As a result, you can find some great (& exclusive) contents and deals that will not be available anywhere else online.

Why BloggerSprout ( Our Story )

My name is Niraj Kashyap, and I’m the founder of BloggerSprout and GloriousMotives.

The story begins when I wanted to create a site for my own to show off to my friends. Well back then that was cool – but now when I think about that, sometimes I’m ashamed :-).

When I was searching for a script that I can use to create my own website and also write anything easily without going on to codes I came across WordPress, and I was amazed by the way it can handle everything.

By that time WordPress was not so advanced like it is now. But anyway, I fall in love with WordPress.

When I started my freelancing and started using WordPress for my clients sites, Several times I was in such a horrible position where I was feeling a tough time teaching my clients how to do some simple things and back then there was no WordPress blogs and resource site like BloggerSprout, it was all in pdf or forums and was created for developers.

So I started my first blog and I didn’t know anything about blogging, Well I was a WordPress developer but blogging is a different thing. I made some horrible mistakes like trying to be someone else, copying some other blogs design and shooting arrows in the air. Well, I failed, and my blog too but I learned several important things.

That’s why I launched BloggerSprout – WordPress from its Core(Kore). To teach everyone about WordPress and things to do and most importantly the things never to do.

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Getting Started with BloggerSprout (Useful Links & resources)

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Please be assured that no review, article, or announcement here will ever be biased on this site. This site won’t publish any product review that is worthless just to earn few hundred dollars.

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